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The Modern Story

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Briefly, what are you going to do?

As a non-for-profit organization, the Modern Story aims to bridge the technological and narrative divide by introducing digital skills and storytelling practices to youth and educators around the world. We do this by by recruiting talented college graduates from the U.S. to lead 6-month digital storytelling programs at low-income inner city schools in Hyderabad, India. The students are eighth and ninth graders who learn how to write narratives about their personal lives, create photo stories about their communities, and even produce documentaries about social and environmental issues.


In more depth, tell us the story of what you want to do and what your mission is.

As The Modern Story (TMS) approaches its sixth year of operation, our mission remains to bridge the technological and narrative divide around the world. In addition recruiting talented college graduates to lead digital storytelling programs, TMS also employs local instructors – Muslim women from underserved backgrounds who teach alongside our Fellows. While continuing to improve access to and the understanding of technology, we’ve also expanded TMS programming to more schools, sustained our local employment program for underserved Muslim women, and improved our collaboration with Google Hyderabad in addition to our partnership with Communities Rising. One of our priorities is to grow our network in Hyderabad, ensure sustainability, and expose our students to local mentors. In this next year, we plan to continue our Fellowship program and school expansion, to strengthen our local employment program, and to build our dynamic team in Hyderabad and in the Bay Area. We remain committed to quality and depth of our impact, as we scale our program in a mindful and deliberate way.


What is the positive impact you will have on the world and how will you measure that impact?

The positive impact that this effort creates is reflected in the proactive students who learn how to think and speak for themselves as agents of change with digital literacy and communication skills. Additionally, our local instructors become financial providers for their families, while young professionals productively contribute to the global community. We continue to increase our impact by putting tools of communication into the hands of the underprivileged and spreading awareness about the organization around the Bay Area. Student, local instructor and Fellow evaluations help us to improve our programs and interviews with school faculty and staff help us to respond better to the students' and local educators' needs.


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  • The Modern Story

    The Modern Story is a not-for-profit organization that bridges the technological and narrative divide by introducing digital skills and storytelling practices to youth and educators around the world. What We Do: The Modern Story recruits talented college graduates from the U.S. to lead 6 month digital storytelling programs for 8th and 9th students at low-income inner city schools in Hyderabad. TMS also employs local instructors – Muslim women with disadvantaged backgrounds previously trained in Information Technology skills. Together, the Fellows and local instructors administer a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, digital literacy, English language practice and concepts of social justice. Our Team: Please get to know our extraordinarily talend team at



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  • Kristen Zachariah


    As a high school student interning with The Modern Story through my Community Service Learning class, I was attracted to the organization because I was reminded of a life-changing experience I had in India a couple years ago that involved young Indian students. As I watched a TMS video for the first time and listened to the innocent, yet articulate voices of Indian youth, I remembered the similar voices of 4th through 9th graders to whom I’d taught English at an under-served school in India. I remembered listening in awe to the stories each of the kids had to share. Even though the young kids were enthusiastic as they retold personal stories, I couldn't help but note the pain behind many of their experiences. The burden of expectations thrust upon them by their parents, the lack of opportunities for women, and the frugality that dictated their lives were just some of the problems they were face with, even at such young ages. So when I watched a TMS video one day and heard the same innocent and bold voices of young students, I felt an urge to spread their stories and contribute to their development as agents of social change. I believe that there is an undeniable power associated with raising one's voice, however young the voice may be, and for this reason, I decided to team up with The Modern Story to help make these voices heard.